Reduce Your Lab Equipment Costs with Lab Calibration Services from Cen-Med

equipment repair

Are you feeling the budgetary crunch many health facilities and labs are facing due to sequestration? Unfortunately, it’s across the board. In early June, the NIH released a fact sheet listing the planned cuts needed to meet the budgetary restrictions put on it by March’s sequester. In a nutshell, the NIH must cut its total overall budget by 5 percent. This means that over 300,000 research scientists and other personnel might be affected in some way and may have to cut back on expenses.

Unfortunately, this trend might continue for some time at labs and medical facilities across the country, and managers will have to get creative with how they allocate funds. One of the easiest ways to save money is by negating the need for new equipment due to a major function failure. This is where we come in. Cen-Med Enterprises employs skilled technicians who can complete minor repairs and lab calibration services to ensure your equipment is performing at the levels they need to deliver the results you need.

New lab equipment costs money – money that you can utilize elsewhere to hire more staff or fund other research projects. By using Cen-Med’s repair and calibration services, you can take care of minor problems before they become major failures that force you to invest in all-new lab equipment. Our technicians have experience with a wide variety of equipment used for many different applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save in an environment that demands that you do so.

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Cen-Med Enterprises Announces Service Division Blue Coat Services

image of blue coat services

Cen-Med Enterprises is pleased to announce the addition of our service division, blue coat services. Already recognized as one of the remaining few privately held acute-care distributors in New York and New Jersey, Cen-Med continues to evolve to meet the needs of a changing industry by inaugurating a new division dedicated to the service and repair of analytical instruments and storage equipment in labs. Located in the heart of the healthcare industry, blue coat services combines Cen-Med Enterprises’ years of industry expertise and excellent customer service to provide a unique experience to their clientele.

With the addition of highly-trained and certified technicians, blue coat services is able to provide excellent repair service while still being privately held and continuing to expand. Offering complete service solutions that affect the industry, blue coat services provides repair, calibration, and preventative maintenance to a wide range of instruments, big or small.

Visit the website for more information:


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Buying New Lab Equipment?

A Few Things to Consider When Buying Lab Equipment

Purchasing new lab equipment can be hard on a budget.  There are a lot of things to consider before emptying your wallet, but first, you should put together a list of every item you will need, and split that list into “Essential Resources for Research” and “Expensive Resources”.  By beginning to shop this way, you can easily pinpoint which purchases are necessary and which purchases are exciting, but too expensive and unnecessary for your research projects.

Environmental Friendliness

Realize that environmentally friendly lab equipment is in limited supply, and though the initial cost of environmentally friendly equipment may be much more than anticipated, it can tend to pay off over time with lower maintenance costs.


Not only will you be comparing and contrasting the costs of equipment from various manufacturers, but you will also be examining maintenance costs, the price of replacement parts, and the price of consumables.  Factor in the full cost of each and every item, including each item’s parts and consumables.

Service Contract

Find out the length of the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty.  After that warranty expires, you’ll want to see what else is available – what are the service contract terms and conditions?  Service contracts can include software updates, calibration, priority service, discounted upgrades, preventative maintenance, and certification.  Participating in a service contract can be beneficial as it can add a set cost to your budget which will reduce any hassles and unexpected expenses that may occur if your equipment breaks or malfunctions.

Availability of Parts

Reference the cost of the parts of each piece of equipment. Are the parts readily available?  Where can they be purchased? How often will you have to buy them, and how much will they be?  Consider the cost and availability of parts as part of the cost of the entire piece of equipment.

System Updates and Tech Support

Lab equipment suppliers will often bundle technical support and system updates with their service contracts.  You should specifically look for tech support that is available via a toll-free number, and for system updates that are free.

End Users

Consider who will be using the equipment you are purchasing.  Will it be possible to train the staff using the equipment quickly and easily?  The staff should be able to readily access and use the equipment, to easily access information about the equipment, and easily contact tech support.


The circumstances under which the equipment will be used are also important.  Consider these circumstances to choose which product features offered on various brands of equipment are vital to you.

If you’re looking to buy lab equipment or simply want to learn more about one of the leading lab equipment suppliers on the East Coast, visit our website.

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Three Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Your Laboratory Costs

Lab Equipment and SuppliesWorking in a medical laboratory can be an extremely stressful job, a fact that even those outside of the profession would likely agree with. Aside from working with generally hazardous material, few people understand the external factors that lead to trouble in labs around the world. One of the greatest issues laboratory technicians encounter is the limited budget they are forced to work with.

With the cost of medicines and medical procedures increasing over time, trying to stick to a strict budget can be difficult. Thankfully, it is possible to balance those pesky numbers without fighting for an increase in finances!  Below is a list of helpful, effective methods of saving money in the lab.

Repair Before Replace

One of the largest money sink in any laboratory’s budget is the collection of expensive equipment they need. Unfortunately, these machines can get old and eventually break down, which leads to spending even more money to replace it. However, lab equipment repair can cost a fraction of buying entirely new pieces of equipment.

Know Your Costs

Be aware of and understand the cost of each, or at least the most common, procedures that occur in your laboratory. This can be done by combining the costs of a single procedure across time, then dividing by the number of times it happened. When you have a price per occurrence, you can better manage your overall funds.

Order in Bulk

If the supplies you are ordering are frequently used and unlikely to go out of date ordering in bulk can decrease the cost of individual supplies by a significant amount. This can be done for products that expire too, as long as you make sure not to over-order.

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Medical Laboratory Supplies and Child Education

Among the many medical supplies we provide for our customers are band aids that are designed with different cartoon characters and other youth friendly patterns. These images help create a sense of calm in children when they require a bandage for an abrasion. While these images go a long way, the best way to calm fears about medical laboratory supplies and other health equipment is education.

doctor shot

When kids have an understanding of different equipment in their school laboratory, it won’t be as shocking when they must have a shot at a regular checkup. While the decorations lining the walls of a pediatric care center are often soothing, the knowledge of the different supplies that fill the doctor’s room will help any child realize that they are in a safe place. Of course, all medical supplies should be respected, but children who understand what they are meant for will realize that they are not in danger when the tools are in the hands of professionals.

Education is the best way to ease childhood fears regarding medical supplies.

The same education principals that can go a tremendous way in pediatric care can be applied to schools as well. While all students should be involved in some sort of lab class from an early age, not every student fully understands the potential danger of medical laboratory supplies. As the professionals we work with on a daily basis understand, even the tamest lab experiment can be quite dangerous to a novice.  When lab safety is taught and encouraged by both the teacher and the parents, the medical research professionals of tomorrow are able to build an appreciation for the seriousness of each task.

The same respect and understanding of medical laboratory supplies that should be taught to children is applied by our company on a daily basis. By understanding the importance of the medical supplies Cen-Med Enterprises has to offer, we take the time to ensure all products are held to the highest standards.

To learn more, visit our medical supply company website or call 800-470-3570.

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Proper Surgical Instrument Care [Infographic]

To most trained professionals, taking care of surgical instruments is a matter of common sense. The infographic below explains a simple method of caring for your surgical tools which will help retain their reusability.

Caring for Surgical Instruments Infographic
If you’re looking for surgical supplies or need surgical instrument repair or maintenance, contact Cen-Med Enterprises: 800-470-3570.

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Ways to Make that Science Conference Registration Fee Worth It

image of science expoThe Diversity Alliance for Science’s 6th annual Life Science for Diversity Conference will be held on May 20-22 In Newark, New Jersey, and it serves as an opportunity for companies who exemplify diversity to have a greater presence in the scientific community. Besides representatives of those companies, other people who attend included pharmaceutical executives, government officers and scientific thought leaders in the community. In all, over 350 people are expected to attend the event, and it was sold out several weeks in advance.

If you’re thinking about attending a science convention in the near future, but aren’t quite sure yet, here are some reasons to RSVP today:

  • You’ll meet others in the community: Oftentimes, in the scientific community, it is difficult to meet new people as they are often so busy with their own work and research. By attending scientific conferences, you get to see the faces behind the names you read in journals or trade publications. You’ll have a chance to network and see whether or not it might be advantageous to collaborate or pursue a working relationship with someone.
  • You’ll learn more about the latest issues related to your industry: This again goes to the idea of learning about what else is out there. Those who present at science conferences are often presenting on their latest research, so you’ll be able to learn more about what’s going in your industry just by reviewing some of the themes of the conference. You can then adjust your own methodologies or business practices to meet the demands of the growing trends in your industry.
  • See a good old fashioned debate: At a science conference, there is always a lot of personality in the room. While most people are cordial, this is not to say that heads don’t sometimes butt when discussing issues. If you’re unsure how you feel about a particular practice or study in your field, a conference is the best place to showcase your hesitance and get an immediate response.

While all of these are possible benefits of attending a science conference, you still need to prepare beforehand. It might be a good idea to take a look at the itinerary schedule and research possible people who will be there. Oftentimes, conferences can get quite chaotic and can be overwhelming to the ill-prepared.  Make a list of possible people you want to meet. For example, if you sell laboratory supplies, prioritizing scientists, equipment manufacturers and others directly related to the industry will help organize your day. By planning in advance, you’ll make contacts, learn new things about your industry and better your business – all with a catered lunch in between.

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