Changes in Medical Technology and your Health

Modern medicineThere have been many advances in medical technology in recent years. These advances and changes in technology are sure to be of great benefit to your health, regardless of what health problems you may be facing right now. Whether it’s changes in medical laboratory equipment, or offering new medications to treat conditions that did not always have a cure, science has come a long way, even in the last decade.

New Medication Approvals

During the past year, the FDA has approved many new medications for various conditions. These medications have improved the quality of life for many patients. One example would be the drug Varithena, which is injectable foam that has been approved to treat varicose veins. In the past, patients would need to undergo extensive surgeries in order to rid themselves of varicose veins. However,  Varithena is a much simpler process.

Another example of a medication that was approved this past year is Brisdelle. Each year, countless women suffer with the symptoms of menopause. Brisdelle was formulated to specifically treat some of those symptoms, making it much easier for women to undergo their “change of life”.

Electronic Medical Records

Although EMR has been in the works for quite some time, current EMR vendors have provided a way for patients to access their own medical records through the EMR system. This is a great advancement, because now, patients can be more involved in their medical care than they ever have been before. The emphasis has been on giving incentives for patients to log in to their patient portal, where they can immediately find their own test results, and communicate much more efficiently with the medical team. EMR makes the patient encounter much faster as well, while providing the physician with all of the information he or she needs to give excellent, well-rounded patient care. EMR has streamlined every aspect of the patient’s treatment, which means that doctors are able to see more patients, and the care they provide is always top-notch.

Medical Equipment

Along with other advances in medical technology, the equipment that’s available to medical professionals has also seen some great changes in the past year. Medical laboratory equipment functions have become more fine-tuned, and patients no longer have to wait for days to find out the results of various tests. There continues to be technological advances in ultrasound, which is excellent  news for new moms expecting a baby. Even taking a patient’s vital signs has gotten much faster, through the use of computers and machines that do most of the work for the staff. The incorporation of new equipment into the medical setting is a great way to easily improve the care patients receive, while it improves the efficiency of the medical staff.

What are some of the advances we can look forward to in the coming years? It seems that science is always changing, and they’re always discovering new ways to provide excellent treatment. Whether scientists discover a way to check a patient’s blood sugar without the use of needles, or patients can visit with their doctor without ever leaving their homes, there are many changes to look forward to in the years to come. Technology has come this far, why stop now?

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