Reduce Your Lab Equipment Costs with Lab Calibration Services from Cen-Med

equipment repair

Are you feeling the budgetary crunch many health facilities and labs are facing due to sequestration? Unfortunately, it’s across the board. In early June, the NIH released a fact sheet listing the planned cuts needed to meet the budgetary restrictions put on it by March’s sequester. In a nutshell, the NIH must cut its total overall budget by 5 percent. This means that over 300,000 research scientists and other personnel might be affected in some way and may have to cut back on expenses.

Unfortunately, this trend might continue for some time at labs and medical facilities across the country, and managers will have to get creative with how they allocate funds. One of the easiest ways to save money is by negating the need for new equipment due to a major function failure. This is where we come in. Cen-Med Enterprises employs skilled technicians who can complete minor repairs and lab calibration services to ensure your equipment is performing at the levels they need to deliver the results you need.

New lab equipment costs money – money that you can utilize elsewhere to hire more staff or fund other research projects. By using Cen-Med’s repair and calibration services, you can take care of minor problems before they become major failures that force you to invest in all-new lab equipment. Our technicians have experience with a wide variety of equipment used for many different applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save in an environment that demands that you do so.

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