Cen-Med Enterprises Announces Service Division Blue Coat Services

image of blue coat services

Cen-Med Enterprises is pleased to announce the addition of our service division, blue coat services. Already recognized as one of the remaining few privately held acute-care distributors in New York and New Jersey, Cen-Med continues to evolve to meet the needs of a changing industry by inaugurating a new division dedicated to the service and repair of analytical instruments and storage equipment in labs. Located in the heart of the healthcare industry, blue coat services combines Cen-Med Enterprises’ years of industry expertise and excellent customer service to provide a unique experience to their clientele.

With the addition of highly-trained and certified technicians, blue coat services is able to provide excellent repair service while still being privately held and continuing to expand. Offering complete service solutions that affect the industry, blue coat services provides repair, calibration, and preventative maintenance to a wide range of instruments, big or small.

Visit the website for more information: http://bluecoatservices.com/


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